A tidy child's room

A tidy child's room

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If there is one room that seems constantly crowded, it is the child's room! With the many url @ auto @ = // www.achetezfacile.com/comparateur/jeux-jouets/jouets/url and lint that accumulate there, not easy to find a square centimeter on the ground that is free. Not to mention that you must also have the possibility of inviting a boyfriend or girlfriend. So let's all tidy up her room!

A drawer bed, a bunk bed, a loft bed

King of space saving, the drawer bed allows to store under the bed in a drawer provided for this purpose the url @ auto @ = // www.achetezfacile.com/guide-achat-jeux-de-societe-732-2- 1-0.htmlboard games / url and other toys for your child. It can also accommodate a mattress for a last minute friend. The bunk bed also remains a classic of its kind, to occupy the space vertically rather than horizontally. Finally the mezzanine bed combines sleeping space in height and desk or relaxation area on the floor.

Staircase storage

Practical, the staircase storage is modular and not very invasive. The modules overlap like the steps of a staircase, open or closed. One of the modules can be used as a bedside table

Low locker storage

In length, with 6 or 9 compartments, this type of storage allows the child to have everything at hand. The lockers or baskets slide into the empty spaces and can be taken out at will. We can also stick small labels on each of them to describe the content.

Hanging storage

The good idea in a child's room is to occupy the space of the walls rather than the space on the ground so that the latter is dedicated to games. There are many hanging fabric storage compartments in which you can, for example, slide the fluff.

A long shelf

Always in the spirit of keeping a maximum of space on the ground, a long shelf, not too high, can run along a wall so that the child stores his books or his drawings there. Gallery effect guaranteed!

A bookcase headboard

Combine the headboard and bookcase with models that include shelf systems for storing books. It is practical and decorative. Photos of children's rooms to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"