The psyche mirror in the bedroom: to see yourself from top to bottom

The psyche mirror in the bedroom: to see yourself from top to bottom

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What is the psyche mirror?

Pyche, késako? Psyche as "psychedelic"? Can you imagine a colorful arched mirror with a bizarre shape that reminds you of the sixties / seventies? It is not so !

A psyche in decoration is a great movable mirror that you can tilt at will to look at yourself in full by means of two axes which attach it in the middle to the two uprights of a chassis. Its origin dates back to the end of the eighteenth century, a period when large mirrors were affordable. The term comes from "Psyche", a princess from Greek mythology, and means "soul" in Greek.

Very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, the psyche mirrors that can be found today are generally stylish Art Deco. Indeed, their Baroque origins give them a fairly marked style with moldings and a golden color.

Where to place a psyche mirror?

The psyche mirror naturally finds its place in thebedroom adults, but also adolescents and children. It is placed at the end you think using its feet. It brings that little more style and character to your decor compared to if you had chosen a classic freestanding mirror. The best option, to combine decor and practicality, is to place your psyche mirror near your dressing, your dresser or your wardrobe; it turns out to be very practical for looking at you from head to toe while dressing or putting on make-up in the morning or when trying on clothing!

Be careful, like everything mirror, it is not recommended to place a psyche mirror in front of your bed. This could disrupt your falling asleep and / or affect the quality of your sleep ! Is your office in your room? Also avoid placing it directly in front of this workspace to avoid distraction. Rather than working, you could spend hours contemplating yourself in your psyche mirror!

If you want to give depth in your bedroom, perhaps you would do well to position your psyche mirror in a corner of your room in order to maximize the space. Your bedroom lacks brightness ? In this case, place your psyche mirror in front of one of your windows, slightly at an angle. It will easily pick up the natural light and will better illuminate your room thanks to its reflection. Clever, isn't it? No windows? The other alternative is to place your psyche mirror near the lights, especially bedside lamps or floor lamps in your bedroom. The result is the same: you gain more brightness!

What style of psyche mirror?

Although its origins are baroque, the models of psyche mirrors current are more decorative, modern and airy. They are found in the very oval shape romantic, or in more finishes minimalist or symmetrical anddesign made of metal. In short, it is the essential accessory of all the rooms according to their decoration and their styles! Depending on the mood of your bedroom, choose the right mirror for you. There is no lack of choice in stores and on e-commerce specializing in decoration. If you find a psyche mirror in a damaged flea market or an art deco style a little dated according to you, nothing prevents you from renovate to bring it up to date! Roll up your sleeves, arm yourself with furniture paint and brushes and get started. DIY to restore all types of mirrors are easily found on the canvas!

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