A thermal weeder for ecological weeding

A thermal weeder for ecological weeding

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To weed without using chemicals, there is an economical and ecological solution: the thermal weeder. Explanations.

What is a thermal weedkiller?

It is a burner mounted on a ramp which eliminates weeds by thermal shock. It is a natural process that causes cells to burst and causes weeds to disappear without releasing any residue on the surface. Thanks to drying, the grass withers in 2 or 3 days. To operate the weeder, simply connect it to a gas bottle, the best being to choose a light model and on wheels so that it follows you throughout the garden.

When to use a thermal weed killer?

This type of weed killer is used when you want to find a solution to pesticides that are bad for the environment. Then know that this method is ideal for walkways, paved areas and hedgerows if you are careful. Depending on the area to be weeded, you will find booms of one to four burners. For individuals, it is recommended to use a ramp of one to two burners unless the weed strip is very large. Totalgaz's DZ Energy is on sale at a price of 45 euros (1 nozzle), 69 euros (2 nozzles), 79 euros (3 nozzles), 89 euros (4 nozzles). > More info on