What to do with black soap?

What to do with black soap?

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Black soap is one of the products that used to be found in homes for cleaning. If the development of maintenance products in the trade made us forget this product, it returns today on the front of the scene for its ecological qualities. Explanations. Originally used for household and laundry use, black soap finds a multitude of applications! You should know that you will find liquid black soap and soft black soap. The latter is very concentrated, which gives it its thick texture, however the liquid soap is less concentrated but will be much easier to apply.

Black household soap

It is a natural multipurpose cleaner. It is not used pure but by diluting it in hot water. It can then be used on a multitude of surfaces such as parquet or tiles. It is used in the living room as well as in the bathroom. It will allow you to degrease the surfaces of the kitchen but also to clean the windows of the house.

Black soap for laundry

Black soap turns out to be a very good stain remover that will quickly compete with chemicals. You can use black soap diluted in water to scrub the stain before washing.

Black soap and its other applications

Be aware that black soap can also be used in the garden because it is a natural repellant against aphids, mealybugs and other insects that attack plants. To use it, simply dilute black soap in hot water and spray the solution on the plants. Finally, dilute a very small amount of soap in the bath water of your pets. This natural soap will act as a shampoo.