Multifaceted mirrors, true design accessories

Multifaceted mirrors, true design accessories

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Reinvented, the contemporary mirror is not only for looking at yourself. Composed of a multitude of mini mirrors, it becomes a real decorative accessory that reflects the beauty of the habitat in a whole new dimension and in many facets. Men have always contemplated their reflection. At the edge of clear water, then using mirrors from their creation in the 14th century. Today this fascinating object is hijacked by contemporary creators. More than a basic accessory, it becomes a decorative object that enhances the interior.

The multifaceted mirror, like a work of art

Make way for imagination and creativity. The 21st century mirror is an assembly of small glass mirrors, whether rounded, square, in strips, in the form of a labyrinth or a puzzle. A composition with a very artistic rendering that plays on the visual effect. Indeed, this sparkling mosaic breaks the uniqueness of the reflection. The brightness and reverberation thus multiplied give a dynamic movement to the space. Because these compositions are at the cutting edge of design, this luxury comes at a price. If it is possible to find some models from 50 €, you often have to count between 200 and 500 €to bring that graphic and unique touch to its interior. Multifaceted mirrors are available in stores and design surfaces. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"