5 DIY for a homemade Christmas table!

5 DIY for a homemade Christmas table!

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Having a pretty Christmas table without losing your budget is possible! How? 'Or' What ? We think of DIY of course! In addition, you can customize your table so that it is unique. Missing ideas? Well to keep you busy when the holidays arrive, here is 5DIY for a homemade Christmas table.

1. Pine cones as fir

It is difficult to put Christmas trees on the table. Do not worry ! You can use the pine cones. To do this, you must harvest several in the garden. For a decorative effect, choose pine cones of different sizes. Thanks to spray paint, you can color it in green. It is of course possible to color it also in gold, red or black. Once dried, apply artificial snow on the pine cones and why not some glitter. You will have these elements everywhere on your table or in a large vase.

2. When the branches replace the flowers

At Christmas, we rarely put fresh flowers on the table. It is however possible to create a winter composition. To do this, you have to harvest branches in the garden and then paint them in gold using a spray paint. In a vase, place cotton with a few pearls or glitter. Install the golden branches on which you will put Christmas balls in the colors of your table.

3. Gourmet jars

To keep the youngest ones busy during the holidays and to bring some delicacies to the Christmas table, you can make cupcakes in the shape of a snowman, stars, etc. Once cooked, place these delicacies in jars that you will close with a big red ribbon! Once the Christmas meal is over, at coffee time, open the jars to delight the guests.

4. Wooded candles

Candles are very popular on the Christmas table so why not decorate them yourself! Once again you will need branches. Cut the branches into pieces equal in size to the height of the candles. Place the wood around the candle and hold it together with glue. Of course, you can paint the wood in gold if you feel like it! Finally, place a large ribbon around each candle.

5. Decorated candlesticks

Once again, the jars are in the spotlight! Take several sizes. Apply white paint on the jars and decorate them as you wish! You can stick snowflakes, glitter or stars, put a ribbon or tie holly leaves ... The children will also have lots of good ideas to decorate these candle holders. Finally, be aware that having flames at the table is not always a good idea. To reduce the risks, we think of LED candles!