What curtains to choose for a bedroom?

What curtains to choose for a bedroom?

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Blackout curtains for a peaceful bedroom

One thing is certain: you will certainly not have the same expectations for curtains in your bedroom than those in your living room or kitchen. Indeed, bedroom curtains must participate in the comfort but also in the privacy of your bedroom. If you live in the city, you do not have a shutter and you have a lot of vis-à-vis, you will have to opt for blackout curtains which on the one hand prevent the light of day from passing (in order to guarantee you a good sleep) and on the other hand which will preserve your intimacy by blocking prying eyes.

A few years ago, blackout curtains were not a dream ... Today, manufacturers have worked on fabrics to offer rgood quality blackout ideals, with the addition of an outer lining.

You can also opt for thick curtains which will not be as blackout but will allow you to have more choices of colors and materials - go for the velvet or the wools, both perfect for a cocooning room.

Lightweight curtains for a bright bedroom

If the light does not bother you and you do not have vis-à-vis, you can hang on your windows of beautiful sheersthat will make your room brighter and more airy…

Washed linen, delicate lace or light cotton, choose a beautiful natural material that will give a peaceful atmosphere to your bedroom. With some thin and light bedroom curtains, your sleeping area will always seem to you lulled in light!

What colors for curtains in a room?

Good news: regarding the color of your bedroom curtains, everything is possible… or almost. First take into consideration the color of your bedroom walls, furniture but also your bed linen. If you are afraid of making a mistake, choose complementary colors or stay in harmonious shades. Treat yourself, the curtains will allow you to introduce beautiful touches of color into your bedroom!

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If your windows are very tall, choose a patterned curtain rather than plain which will amplify the impression of height;
  • If your ceiling is low enough, you can opt for vertical stripes that will give the feeling that the room is higher;
  • For curtains, choose clear and natural colors that will flatter the colors of your room by filtering the outside light.

When curtains are room dividers

In a bedroom, it is not forbidden to think of curtains differently: indeed, these can have other uses than decorating your windows ... your bedroom curtains can for example serve as a space divider in the room. Several examples:

  • In a walk-in closet, for example, curtains will be perfect for hiding a space that would take up an entire wall of your bedroom and that open would give a feeling of disorder;
  • For a sports corner: keep the idea of ​​organizing a long space in your room, this time to install a gym space;
  • For a shared room: this may be more the case in a children's room, however, curtains will be very good dividers so that everyone has their personal space.