How to dress badly placed windows?

How to dress badly placed windows?

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Some windows have complicated configurations which make it difficult to dress them. Here are some tips and tricks for two types of misplaced windows:

Dress a window in a corner

If your window is in a corner, too close to a wall, you may have too little space to fix a rod that will be distributed equally on each side of the window. To solve this problem, you can opt for a rod that will protrude only on one side. This type of installation will allow you to leave enough room for the curtain when it is open. Also think of the pivoting rods or the rails which are placed on the ceiling. Finally, note that the blinds require little space above the window and do not protrude from the sides.

Dress a window close to the ceiling

When the window is too close to the ceiling, it is sometimes difficult to install a rod. In this case, you can use a very thin rod which will find its place more easily. In the same idea, you can replace the traditional rod with a cable: this solution takes up little space and is very designer. Also remember to attach the rod directly to the ceiling. In any case, avoid fabrics that are too heavy because this type of installation will not support a significant weight.