Lino for an ecological floor covering

Lino for an ecological floor covering

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Lino has changed a lot since the 1950s when it first appeared in interiors! Today, it is becoming a trendy coating that is also appreciated for its ecological qualities. Presentation

Green qualities

If it is commonly called lino, the real name of this coating is actually linoleum and it is 100% natural. It is in fact made up of linseed oil, cork, wood flour, minerals, natural resins and pigments, which are natural products that make it an ecological material par excellence. It is a high quality coating because it resists stains, burns and wear very well which allows it to be installed in places with high traffic. And for your comfort, know that it is a good thermal and sound insulator.

Very decorative qualities

The lino is not what it used to be! We now find it in very trendy shapes and colors. The colors are perfectly suited to contemporary interiors and the patterns are very varied with some regular patterns, other geometric or even speckled or mottled lino. And to compose your floor as you see fit, the lino is available in strips of different formats or in tiles.

Practical qualities

On the laying side, the linoleum is installed like laminate floors. It is necessary to snap the different pieces together without the need for glue. The advantage of such a coating is that you can walk on the floor immediately after installation. On the maintenance side, it's also easy! The linoleum is anti-static and anti-bacteriological, so a swipe is enough to clean it.