Changing carpet: instructions for use

Changing carpet: instructions for use

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Before you start changing your carpet, make sure you organize yourself properly: think about the place where you will be able to move the furniture in the affected room, equip yourself with the right tools to improve efficiency, not to lose a minute… Here is a little schedule to help you change the carpet without making a mistake.

D-2: preparing the room before changing the carpet

First, you will have to empty your room to make the floor accessible. Take the dimensions of the room and make a diagram if necessary, to be sure you have the right amount of carpet. Make sure the original floor is ready for the carpet: it should be healthy and straight, so you need to take the time to clean it well and, if necessary, sand it down. Remember to fill in cracks or small holes. Be aware that if the holes are too numerous or the ground is not straight it will be necessary to make a leveling. To do this, cover the floor with a layer of mortar and wait 48 hours for drying.

D-1: the right material to change the carpet

You will find all the tools necessary to lay your new carpet in major DIY stores (for example Saint-Maclou, Leroy Merlin etc ...). Here is what you need ideally: a meter, a cutter, a trimmer, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a notebook, double-sided adhesive tape, a coating spatula, a notched spatula, a threshold bar and plinths that harmonize with your carpet. The day before, roll out your carpet on the floor of the room where it will be fixed. This will allow it to flatten out a bit and make your next day easier. Are you equipped? You're ready for the last step, and it's not the shortest or the easiest!

D-Day: change of carpet

Bring the carpet and your toolbox, you will be able to lay your carpet! Work must be started backwards so as not to find yourself stuck in the corner of a room: therefore start from the corner of the room which is opposite the door. The important thing in changing the carpet is the drying time! If you respect it, you get a job well done that will last a long time.