4 ideas to create a decor with wallpaper

4 ideas to create a decor with wallpaper

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The wallpaper no longer only dresses the walls but also creates decorative effects! Patterned, plain or striped, here are 5 decor ideas with wallpaper:

Customize the furniture

Wallpaper can help you give a new style to a piece of furniture you are tired of. The Norman wardrobe can take a British style with English type wallpaper, or the dresser a masculine look thanks to a leather look paper. To customize your furniture, simply sand it down to allow the glue to adhere and then place the wallpaper as you would on a wall.

Create a headboard

The wallpaper makes it possible to stage the bed. To do this, put wallpaper on the wall behind your bed, adjusting the width of the paper to that of your bed. You can play on several sizes to bring a very theatrical effect. In terms of decoration, you will have the choice: fabric, leather or skin look but also colored or patterned wallpaper!

Separate two spaces

Wallpaper can prove to be a good solution to delimit two spaces without using a screen or another physical separation. You can opt for one or more strips that will mark the passage from the living room to the dining room or from the bedroom to the office for example. It's up to you to choose between a classic wallpaper in harmony with the two spaces or an original wallpaper that will play the work of art effect.

The horizontal version wallpaper

To change from the traditional installation of wallpaper, we put on a horizontal installation! In this case, only one strip will be glued on pain of overloading the part. It will protect the wall in the corridors with strong passage and will emphasize the architecture of a room by playing the XXL friezes. A very good way to give a perspective to the wall!