4 tips for storing your boots

4 tips for storing your boots

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It is not always easy to store your winter shoes, especially if you have several pairs of boots. Whether it is rain boots, city boots or waders, this type of model is quite bulky and can quickly deteriorate if it is not properly stored. We have found some practical tips for storing your boots properly and not leaving them lying around in the entrance!

Tip # 1: transform your coat rack

This coat rack has small buttons that allow you to hang minimalist hangers where you can hang your shoes and rain boots. This allows you to remove them as soon as you get home and leave them with your coat and umbrella in an entryway. You can easily stick cupboard handles to your existing coat rack to replicate this idea at home.

Tip # 2: invest a wall

If you have enough space in a bedroom or a corridor for example, consider making a wall entirely dedicated to your shoes! Build PVC tubes to be superimposed on a wall section and you can slip your shoes on. Another technique: opt for storage specially designed for boots so that they do not get damaged.

Tip # 3: create a clever structure

Notice to DIY enthusiasts! Have you ever thought of building a tailor-made structure to accommodate your boots? With a board and some painted wooden stakes, you can store your boots vertically and thus better find them in your garage or in a closet.

Tip N ° 4: have a space dedicated to your boots

You can hang your boots directly in your closet using a skirt hanger. Install a bar halfway up in your closet so as not to waste too much space and be able to store both your clothes and coats as well as your shoes. If your boots are wet or dirty and you do not want to have to mop your apartment, install a small space to store your shoes in your main entrance. A few pebbles will be enough for your boots to drip away from your all-white carpet! And, if you are buying a wardrobe soon, consider Trones d'Ikea ​​(34.99 euros), a wardrobe with an integrated shoe rack.


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