How to clean your dryer?

How to clean your dryer?

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Cleaning your dryer is not part of your household routine. And yet, it is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your device and the good smell of your clothes. Here are some practical tips for taking care of your dryer.

Daily dryer maintenance

Whenever you run your dryer, think about the end of the cycle to empty the filter. For good reason, the latter accumulates all the residues remaining in your clean linen (hair, fluff, hair, dust, etc.). Daily cleaning of the dryer filter ensures good circulation of hot air in the drum. Please note: the accumulation of residues in your filter can eventually lead to fire risks.

Monthly dryer maintenance

About once a month, clean the inside of your tumble dryer drum with a sponge and soapy water. To do this, remember to disconnect the device upstream. Be aware that abrasive cleaning products are very bad for the dryer, like those containing alcohol. If you wish, you can also use the wrung-out sponge on the bodywork or on the door seals. After cleaning, rinse your drum with a damp towel. If your dryer has a condenser (if it is not connected to the drain hose), rinse the drain hose with clean water at least once a month. As for the water tank, it is recommended to empty it after each cycle.

Tips for proper ventilation of your dryer

In order to ensure the proper ventilation of your dryer but also the good smell of your clothes, do not forget to leave the door of your dryer open. Beware, however, of pets and children.