Boost the living room with a trendy wall decor!

Boost the living room with a trendy wall decor!

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A trendy and original wall decoration , it's possible ! Ladders, frames and boxes are on the program for these 3 DIYs designed to personalize your walls. Wall decoration is a good way to give character to our living space, and this with few means. Do not panic if you are not a DIY master, here are three ways to give a boost to the decor without starting any major work

A vertical installation for a personalized decoration

The scale is a real gem when it comes to creating a wall space. Mobile and light, it has a certain charm to make a cozy place. Before accessorizing your ladder, define a free space and ... avoid passing places to minimize the risk of tumbles! 1. Gather several personal objects such as children's drawings, photographs, posters or pretty postcards while respecting a certain harmony of colors. 2. In order to put them in place on the bars, we opt for drawing clips or wooden clothespins. A charming detail that offers an artist's table touch to your layout. 3. To boost the whole and bring lightness nothing like a garland. Cut paper and fishing line allow you to design one with the desired colors in just a few minutes. A touch of fantasy that can also serve as a reminder with a shade already present in home textiles. 4. Finally, nothing like a light source to finalize your decoration. Easy to install thanks to the singular design of the scale, the light garland will find its place among your images to highlight them. To give life to this DIY in your interior, think of the decorative scale or the CLARA metal wall jewelry holder!

A jumble of frames: a great classic still relevant

A great decoration classic, the jumble of frames installs on the wall without using the air space in the room. To make it simple and effective, the tone-on-tone composition decorates a bare wall in no time and gives it a second wind. 1. Before attacking the wall with a hammer, assemble your frames, whatever their size. The difference is an asset because it catches the eye and energizes the atmosphere. 2. Once the dimensions have been identified, tape simple sheets of paper to the wall in order to have a clear idea of ​​the final result of your future installation. 3. Once the frames are installed, do not hesitate to personalize them! To do this, you can choose to use leftover paint or scraps of wallpaper to cover them. Do not panic if the appearance of the wall is not uniform, it will be all the more interesting to exploit this contrast and to accentuate one shade rather than another. You can choose to be in total agreement with the wall surface or to play the originality by adding another shade in certain places. You can also choose to integrate into your installation an image framed with an inspiring and positive message, like the AIME frame. Because, we already told you, words rhyme with decoration!

Intertwined boxes

Wooden or cork boxes can create new spaces when they are diverted into a wall composition. Surprising and aesthetic, this decorative bias provides depth to the room. 1. In order not to be mistaken in the measurements, bring here also cut paper and scotch tape in order to place the leaves on the chosen area. You can adjust the arrangement until you find the ideal visual composition. 2. Cut out parts of your old boxes, unless you choose to place them side by side. The operation, somewhat tedious with wood, is nevertheless very simple for cork cubes. 3. Select a style: the color of your wall surface and the atmosphere you want to give it are clues to the choice of colors. The shades of gray and beige offer a contemporary rendering for a soft and refined atmosphere. The more pigmented colors such as bright reds, orange or yellow, promise a dynamic result. The black and white classics meanwhile offer a more minimalist composition. 4. The paint can be applied in solid colors or in patterns. The geometric decoration is very trendy this year and allows colors to be associated with subtlety. For a more modern look, we recommend letting the material of the box appear in certain places. Scraps of wallpaper can also be used to decorate the bottom of your case and offer it an offset coating. Attached with nails, the boxes are ready to stage your objects unexpectedly. In addition to the usual books and trinkets, think of small succulents like cacti which, once perched will need only very little maintenance to sublimate this brand new decoration! The FIR wall shelf will be happy to welcome them!

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