Tadelakt, a coating with impeccable rendering

Tadelakt, a coating with impeccable rendering

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Tadelakt: what is it?

The tadelakt is a traditional ancestral moroccan plaster, made from lime to which water and sometimes natural pigments are added (to tint it).

Visually, we appreciate the tadelakt for its side that is both authentic and exotic; it is true that its ultra-fine texture offers a brilliant, warm and soft rendering, and that tadelakt is perfect for sublimating a wall with style and elegance.

The tadelakt: for which room of your house?

Good news: tadelakt is a versatile coating, which you can easily choose as coating for all rooms of the house to standardize your decor. From floor to ceiling, passing through the walls, everything can be covered with tadelakt… and even water features!

Indeed, tadelakt is a coating known for its sealing, its impermeability and its fungicidal and water-repellent properties. If it has been used in Moroccan hammams for centuries, you can therefore easily use it to cover a basin, a washbasin, a bathtub, a shower, a basin, the floor or the walls of a pond or a kitchen!

The tadelakt: what advantages?

If the tadelakt is a floor (and wall) covering which is more and more sought after by individuals, is that the latter has many advantages; especially :
• Its undeniable aesthetic dimension, thanks to its authentic side and its magnificent appearance in a pure oriental spirit.
• Its availability in many colors and with many possible finishes (gloss, satin, etc.). Tadelakt is therefore a product that can suit any interior, whatever the style.
• Its excellent moisture resistance, which makes tadelakt the ideal coating for water features; with him, there is no risk of mold appearing in the bathroom!
• Its longevity: well maintained with black soap, tadelakt is a coating that can last for decades without moving.

The tadelakt: what are its weak points?

Before opting for tadelakt in your home, keep in mind that it is a coating:
• Which requires very delicate implementation. Only a specialist, for example a maalem (a Moroccan master craftsman), can guarantee you a perfect result.
• Which must be placed on a well prepared and healthy wall.
• Quite expensive: allow around 175 € / m².

Cheap tadelakt: is it possible?

If, in its original form, tadelakt is a product that can be expensive, know that there are in large DIY stores (at Leroy Merlin or Castorama for example) decorative plasters which imitate tadelakt for a clearly cost lower (count around 50-60 € for a 15 kg bucket of plaster). The result will obviously not be the same as with a real Moroccan tadelakt, but if the decorative plaster is properly installed, the result will be amply satisfactory.

If you wish, you can even try making your own tadelakt yourself, using lime, water, marble powder and pigments. Keeping in mind that since it tends to lighten a lot as it dries, don't hesitate to have a heavy hand on the pigments during manufacturing! And with traditional tadelakt, all colors are achievable. You can choose from the palette usually used in Morocco (ocher, red, yellow) or get started in more original colors.