Do-It-Yourself Terrace

Do-It-Yourself Terrace

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With the enthusiasm of the French for the garden, the terraces are also on the rise. But having a patio built can be costly. However, there are solutions for making your own terrace. Update on the subject with Camille Mouly, product manager at Lapeyre.

Strip terraces

The slatted terraces are fairly simple to make. There are generally three types of blades to choose from. Pine blades are the cheapest, they are autoclaved to prevent mold and other disadvantages associated with wood. Exotic wood boards have a high cost and the current problems linked to the ecology and the origin of the wood make it less and less popular. Finally, composite wood is an ecological wood since it consists of recycled PVC and sawdust. We therefore do not draw on the resources to create it and it is recyclable. This material is expanding and should have a bright future ahead of it. Be careful, however, where this wood comes from. On the practical side, wooden slatted terraces can be installed alone. First, choose a flat, packed surface. If the terrace is laid on the ground, opt for the installation of a geotextile cover beforehand. If a concrete slab already exists, you can directly lay the joists, framed by the framework of the terrace. Then lay the wooden boards. The operation is quite simple and accessible to all if one is sufficiently careful. On the price side, count on average 50 euros per square meter.

Clipped terraces

The simplest solution for making your terrace or furnishing your balcony is the clip-on grating. Different materials exist such as locust wood, acacia wood, pebbles ... The colors are also varied and allow the terrace to suit his tastes. These gratings benefit from a new interlocking system which is even more practical to install. On the price side, the grating costs on average 7 euros. Photos of terraces to get inspired or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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