How to work at home when you have a cat?

How to work at home when you have a cat?

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You love your cat and it does it well most of the time. Cohabitation on the other hand becomes a bit more difficult when it comes to working with him. However, we do not ask our cat to help us but if it could at least not prevent us from working. Do you think we're exaggerating and there's nothing cooler than having a feline friend by your side when you work at home? Read what follows and you will understand how working with a cat is not an easy task.

Why it's not a good idea to work with a cat

If you had the idea that your cat could replace a colleague with his presence, you may be disappointed. The truth is that 90% of the time your cat will be invisible, far too busy going to sleep in a corner known only to him. This can also lead to moments of anxiety when you realize that you have not seen him all day and that he may have taken off. The first times, you will call him stressed for ten good minutes and then try to bait him with kibble but he will have much better to do. Why waste time reassuring your master when you sleep (hide) between a ski suit and a blanket? You will eventually get used to the idea that the cat is absolutely not the right companion for the one who works alone at home.

Feed the beast

Regarding the remaining 10% of your cat's schedule, it will be devoted to multiple requests that will force you to leave your work station after all ceasing business. It is in any case impossible to ignore a cat request if it is supported by long and repetitive meows. Do not even try to play the one who will crack first, you are lost in advance. For this reason, before even starting to work, it is essential to fill the cat's bowl. The fact that he has enough water and food to leave you alone is the union minimum. Finally it is advisable to establish a food routine for example if you feed it with pâtés or terrines. Schedule a meal time that is outside of your business hours so it won't bother you.

Do not leave open mail while you are away

If you happen to chat with your customers via various e-mail messages, be careful to close the different e-mail windows before leaving the room, even for a few minutes. Why ? Because no customer understands when we send the following message “ugfmEF§zepfy! Pizhef! Knzjgf” and no one wants to have to explain that it is their cat lounging on the computer keyboard.

Ask yourself who is really the boss in this story.

By the way, don't leave your computer open while you're away

All told, we advise you not to let your work computer plug in at all if you have to be away from your desk. If your cat inadvertently discovers the backspace key, you can be almost certain that your work will be considerably reduced since it will be gone.

Lock yourself up to call

Or lock up your cat. It's all about point of view, the most important thing being to put up an insurmountable barrier between your cat and you during your phone calls. A telephone negotiation with a customer becomes much less credible if you have to explain your cat's meows and interrupt your conversation to open the door to the garden.

Those who should avoid working with cats

Thank goodness most freelancers work only with items that are not of great interest to their cat but we can only have an emotional thought for the home workers who use highly attractive materials for the feline world. We especially think of those who knit and who have to hide their balls of wool.

Why, finally, it's a good idea to work with your cat

Yes, despite all that, we do not regret having our cat by his side during his work day because, we all know, we can have blues and in this case, we have never found better than 'a cat to console itself. When you feel like you are not moving forward, that you are no longer motivated or when you have just learned bad professional news, spending time with your cat is a wonderful relaxant. A few minutes of hugs are enough to cheer up and that is really magic and it is priceless. Well, you still need to know where your cat went to hide to sleep.