How to organize your wine cellar?

How to organize your wine cellar?

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Electric wine cellars are the invention which allows everyone, even if they do not have a real cellar, to be able to store their wine. But such a household appliance object raises a large number of questions: what use to make of it? How to order your bottles? How to clean it? So many questions that we hope will be answered in this article. Good reading !

Put away your wines

Some wine cellars can hold well over 100 bottles. To be able to navigate, it is important to show a minimum of organization. Experts also recommend keeping an Excel or other file of the bottles stored there, so that you always have an idea of ​​what is there. It is important to place each bottle horizontally, so that the cork is always wet, which should facilitate the conservation of the precious drink. For obvious practical reasons, it is always best to place each bottle label up. Finally, with regard to sorting, it is preferable to organize your bottles by type of wine. We will thus separate the burgundies, the bordeaux and the Loire wines. Each "region" can then be divided: make sure that the wines that are to be consumed faster are arranged above those that are there to be kept.

Wine storage

Wines that can be drunk up to a few years after purchase - so-called aging wines - should be stored at a slightly cooler temperature than wines that are consumed quickly. Some wine cellars thus offer different compartments with different temperatures. In general, note that the ideal temperature for a wine cellar ranges from 12 to 15 °.

Maintenance tips for your wine cellar

It is recommended to clean your wine cellar about once a year. So that this cleaning does not interfere with the good conservation of your precious bottles, avoid scheduling this cleaning in the heat wave and prefer mid-seasons. Quite simply, and like many other household appliances, you just need to empty your wine cellar before cleaning it with a damp sponge and soap - preferably odorless.

The hygrometer

The good conservation of the wine depends as much on the position of the bottle and the temperature of the cellar as on the humidity level which reigns there. This is where the hygrometer comes in, which measures this rate. A miracle of technology, modern wine cellars regulate humidity themselves. However, make sure that it always oscillates in 50 and 80%.