Color: monochrome for small spaces

Color: monochrome for small spaces

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Matt or satin coatings give life to small spaces. Here are the two essential rules to respect to integrate color in these places.

The right colors

Choose only one, to avoid the cacophony. If it is a dressing room or a closed room, such as a laundry room or a cellar, focus on lighting first. The darker the color you choose, the more you will have to light it up. Soft shades are most suitable for small spaces because they brighten it without shrinking it. Off-white, yellow, pink, orange, blue, green: all colors are allowed, the only rule being to obey your taste. Matt or satin coatings are preferable to glossy paints, which tend to reduce space.

Shades to avoid

Avoid too dark paints (black, dark brown, dark red), unless it is a really desired effect and compensated by powerful lighting. Also beware of overly "complex" hues, such as some greens that are too yellow or some browns: the smaller the space, the more its color should be simple and clear.