My office in the hallway

My office in the hallway

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Are you missing a few square meters to create an office? Do not give up and create a real workspace in your hallway. With the right tips and suitable furniture, you will enjoy a functional and pleasant place to work. Explanations.

Corridor: rethink space

First important thing, make a plan of your corridor. You have to think carefully about the space to install your office area in a place where you will enjoy the calm and the light. Also avoid a place where you would have to get up all the time to allow other members of your household to circulate.

Use all the specifics of your corridor

Do you have a niche? So much the better! You can easily install a work plan to create a desk area there and the seat will naturally come under it. Your corridor is at an angle? Perfect ! You can set up a slightly larger office there without obstructing traffic. Do not hesitate to play with the decoration by installing for example a pretty wallpaper to clearly delimit your workspace.

Choose suitable furniture

Your corridor is above all a passage room. So choose a furniture that will not encroach too much on the space. Choose a standing desk (Knotten model at Ikea for example) or a folding desk (like the Norberg tablet from Ikea). Also for the seat, think about how it will fit into the space and store itself once you have finished working.

Storage to attach to the wall

In addition to a work plan to install your computer, do not neglect the additional storage. To make up for the lack of floor space, use storage space that you will attach to the walls. It's time to be creative: minimalist shelf, wooden box, metal mini bookcase, it's a perfect solution to create a functional space where you will feel good.