Make a dressing room in a recess

Make a dressing room in a recess

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Here are the essential steps to create a wardrobe like Valérie Damidot and her team. Follow the different phases gradually to be sure you are not mistaken in creating your custom wardrobe. 3

Step 1: the measurements

To make a wardrobe, we start by taking the measurements of each board.

Step 2: cutting the boards

We then cut the boards to the right size.

Step 3: fixing the boards

Then fix the planks on the wall.

Step 4: the structure of the dressing room

We form the structure of the dressing room.

Step 5: fitting the wardrobe

Then put the board that separates the wardrobe from the shelves.

Step 6: fitting the brackets

Screw the brackets on the boards that will form the shelves.

Step 7: fixing the shelves

Finally we fix the shelves and the dressing room is completely finished.

Discover the video step by step to create a dressing room in a recess and adapt it to your measurements.