How to choose my coffee table?

How to choose my coffee table?

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The coffee table, present in (almost) all living rooms, is as important an element as a dining room table. Style, use, layout, size, here are our tips for choosing your coffee table.

A coffee table for what purpose?

The first question to ask yourself is that of the use you will make of a coffee table. And the uses can be multiple! Friendly moments around group aperitifs? Opt for the coffee table with tray, practical thanks to the compartments provided. Intimate moments with a duet dinner in front of good movies? Choose the extra low table. Want to protect your children from bumps and bruises? The best will be the coffee table with rounded edges and no more than 30 cm high. Dinner for four and not enough room for a dining table? Opt for the square coffee table.

Coffee table and layout

Choosing a coffee table must also be based on a second criterion, the layout of your living room and its furniture. A small living room will be further enhanced with a small glass or modular coffee table to give an impression of space. A large living room can accommodate a more imposing coffee table with materials such as wood, marble, wrought iron or glass. Furniture should also be taken into account when choosing a coffee table. A corner sofa, rectangular coffee table to save space. If your living room contains large furniture, reverse the trend and invest in a smaller coffee table.

The styles of coffee table

This last criterion is the easiest to take into account because it depends on your tastes. However, the multitude of coffee tables is such that the choice will be difficult. You can choose your furniture according to the atmosphere already prevailing in your interior: rustic, retro, classic, baroque. In terms of materials, many materials are available with stainless steel, wood, lacquered glass, transparent glass, marble. Exotic wood tables are also very popular. Bamboo, wenge, teak or ipe are high quality woods.

The coffee table: very design!

A coffee table is no longer just four legs and a wooden imitation support. This piece of furniture has become a decorative object in its own right, available in all shapes and colors. Coffee table with double trays, bar coffee table, coffee table in the shape of a safe, triangular coffee table and even aquarium coffee table allowing fish to live there! In terms of materials, fiber cement, concrete and metal give the decorative note.

Good to know…

Difficult to set a price for a coffee table as the range is wide. For a top quality coffee table, depending on the materials and its size, count between 100 and 200 euros. Then the price goes up very quickly for the exotic wood, marble coffee tables or even the aquarium coffee tables. Yes, a coffee table can cost more than 1000 €!