How to remove a wax stain on a piece of furniture?

How to remove a wax stain on a piece of furniture?

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In all the rooms of the house, the candles allow to have a soothing atmosphere and to diffuse a scented scent. But, if they create the decor, you must also be very careful that their wax does not drip on your furniture! If despite your precautions, the damage is done, here are some tips and tricks to eliminate this kind of task.

Avoid incorrectly installing your candles

To prevent the accident and end up with a spot of wax on fabric, remember not to burn your candles in drafts because the oscillation of the flame causes the wax to run, especially if you have chandeliers. You can also soak your candles overnight in a bath of warm salt water. Dry the candles well and they will not normally drip any more.

Protect your candles

To prevent stains on a tablecloth, carpet or even carpet, know that there are solutions to prevent the wax from flowing.

For example, place your candles in candle jars, glass lanterns or on a support so that the flowing wax does not stain anything. It will also give a more decorative look to the room if you opt for colored or Moroccan candlesticks.

Remove the wax using a blotter

If despite the wax is still found on your furniture, take a blotter and an iron. Place the blotter on the stain and melt it using the iron. Move the blotter so that it absorbs the remaining wax.

Be careful that your iron is not too hot and do not go above the blotter so as not to burn your furniture. Note that this technique also works for a wax stain on fabrics. Once the task is removed from your furniture, remember to varnish it well if it is wooden or to wax it to make it shine.