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All about succulents

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They are beautiful, colorful and trendy: succulents have everything to seduce you. To locate you and know how to take care of it, the editorial team interviewed Franck Poly, founder of the nursery Sempervivum & Cie and specialist in these little wonders.

: Indoor, outdoor, are succulents really for everyone?

Franck Poly : Both are possible, but even if the succulents can stay indoors, keep in mind that these are plants that grow normally in very hot and very sunny environments. My advice: try as much as possible to put them outside between April and October.

: Placed outside, do succulents withstand winter?

Franck Poly : Exotic varieties are sensitive to low temperatures and must be brought in in winter. But there are rustic and European succulents like the ones I produce (at Sempervivum & Cie ) who can stay outside in winter. This is why they are both indoor and outdoor plants. With the right care, they can be installed indoors but you will not enjoy all the beautiful colors they may have. If you do not have a balcony, a simple window sill may suffice and will allow you to appreciate the color changes of your succulent plant depending on the season.

: Are succulents as hardy as they say? Would you recommend them to those who don't have a green thumb?

Franck Poly : It is true, they are resistant plants. But they are still sensitive to their environment, to heat, to the nutrients that we bring, to the sun. It's like all plants! The more you take care of them, the more beautiful they will be.

: Can we plant them in a pot for a decorative effect?

Franck Poly : These are small plants that are grown in pots. But be careful to choose a real pot that will allow good drainage of the soil. They tolerate dry soils well, make sure that the soil does not stay wet, and that the water does not soak the roots of the plant. The creation of a green wall is also quite possible with succulents.

: Are there any precautions for individuals who wish to install succulents in their homes?

Franck Poly : They are not demanding plants, they are satisfied with what they have. They stay alive. But with a few touches like a little fertilizer and regular watering, they will thrive. Be careful with the fertilizer; used in excess, the latter can sensitize them and favor the appearance of mold or parasites.

: Which varieties to favor when you start?

Franck Poly : Outside, you can opt for a Houseleek Sempervivum which resists the cold and which will make pretty flowers in summer. Indoors, we choose for example the Crassula ovata that looks like a little tree. It is imperative to return it in winter.

: What mistakes should be avoided?

Franck Poly : The big mistake is to over-water. Again these are plants that like dry soils. So it is absolutely necessary to avoid moist soil at all times. The risk is to drown the roots of your plant which will then start to rot. And in this case, there is not much left to do to save your plant. Remember this: less water is better than too much. The potting soils that I develop are made for this type of plant. But you can also install gravel at the bottom of your pot to promote the drainage of the roots of your plant.