Teenage bedroom: how to set up a cozy corner to welcome friends?

Teenage bedroom: how to set up a cozy corner to welcome friends?

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Who says adolescence, says need of space, intimacy, but especially of private life. Does your teenager regularly invite friends home? Here are some tips for setting up a cozy corner in your bedroom to accommodate the members of your band.

Playing on the seats

An ottoman, a small colorful fireside chair, a large cushion placed on the floor ... Teenagers move, get up, sit down, and rarely sit in one position for long. If comfort is obviously an objective, the first goal is to imagine a small cocoon corner, almost hidden, saturated with various comfortable elements where they will want to find themselves together. Remember to ask your teen's opinion on colors and pay attention to design: aesthetics (or rather appearances) play an important role in the eyes of adolescents and their friends.

Optimizing the space under the mezzanines

Under the mezzanine bed, the space is often empty or little used. If the configuration allows, introduce a mini-coffee table (10 euros for the LACK side table at Ikea) and some seats. Otherwise, just stack the imposing cushions, or even arrange a floor space with soft blankets and rugs.

Create a comfortable sofa bed

The bed remains the simplest but also the preferred solution for teens to meet and chat with each other. It is the ideal place to lie down and exchange the latest crisp news. If the bedroom is small enough and you don't have room to install a cozy corner, bet on the bed. A faux fur plaid and a few soft cushions will do the trick. If you can, install a mosquito net or hang a large dye on the ceiling that will serve as a separation curtain. Ideal for creating a feeling of privacy.