Decorative tips for a nursery with a natural atmosphere

Decorative tips for a nursery with a natural atmosphere

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The desire for green and nature is everywhere, so why not breathe a breath of fresh air in the baby's room? Here are some decor tips and photos to inspire you ...

Plant and mineral colors

If your desire for nature is mainly at the visual and aesthetic level, you should bet on colors that evoke nature such as green, brown or stone gray. You can choose a pale green on the walls like a jade green, a water green or a lime green and accessorize the room with touches of brown and red for example for a little cheerfulness!

Healthy and natural furniture and objects

If your desire for nature is also ethical (you want to avoid any danger to your baby's health), there are several factors to take into account. First, use certified wood (FSC and PEFC) for the furniture you buy. These acronyms indicate that the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest. Some manufacturers also guarantee the use of water-based paint, the non-use of toxic products in adhesives, and therefore little or no emission of VOCs. Look at Leander, Nonah, Castor and Chouca or the new trendy brand Egg (on sale at File in your room).

Fauna and flora patterns

And to add to the natural side of the room, do not hesitate to choose patterns accordingly. Rabbits, chicks, ladybugs on the animal side are very common in the decor. Small flowers, trees, water lilies are also featured in the nursery decor ... And here are some atmospheric photos to inspire you. > Have you furnished your baby's room in a natural style? Tell us about your experience and your tips!