The sticker for a baroque headboard

The sticker for a baroque headboard

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To stage the bed in the blink of an eye, nothing like the sticker headboard. And for a stunning effect, we choose the baroque style and its arabesques. A new decoration in a jiffy! Create the decor without taking up floor space, it's easy provided you use the walls. For an economical and space-saving headboard, opt for the baroque licker. Most of the time, multiple arabesques cover the top of the bed. You can choose a more or less high size and a more or less complicated pattern depending on whether you want a monumental or only decorative headboard. Be aware that designers generally offer the sticker in several colors so that you select the one that will best match your bedroom decor. For a classic baroque effect, choose black or pink instead. You will easily find your happiness at iDzif, Mandellia, Côté Stickers or Gali Art… Installation advice: a large sticker is always tricky to install, especially when it has fine details. To be successful in your pose, be patient. Peel off the protective film little by little after having mounted the sticker on the surface. Discover the baroque headboards in sticker: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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