Creativity and conviviality come to the table!

Creativity and conviviality come to the table!

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Just gone on vacation when you are already wondering how you will find your friends and loved ones at the start of the school year? Around a good dinner of course! And to surprise them, here are our tips for demonstrating limitless decorative creativity on your table.

Colors, shades and graphic patterns

No room for monotony this year! With his colorful dress code, his graphic lines and its partitions so chic , the dishes of the back to school plays the antimorosity card. If color always has the last word at the table, it deliberately nuances its discourse with attenuated tones and graphic fantasies displayed sparingly. Turquoise tones which draw towards gray, yellow tones which flirt with gold and red colors which turn to ocher rub shoulders with the most beautiful abstract arabesques of the moment. Demonstration with the PEACOCK range which is part of the emerging styles of tableware. Stylized peacock patterns, poetic graphic lines and attenuated shades of green / blue breathe a gentle breeze into your table ! More assertive, plates from the HOM range remind you that the shades of gray have returned to service. We fall for its simple geometric patterns. Looking for the perfect match? Superimpose them, mix them and assemble them on your table… The game of Mix and Match can begin!

Mix and Match or the art of mismatch

The winning combination of 2017 will be yours! To the game of Mix and Match , the colors and the forms meet and assemble to create harmonies as unique as ephemeral. What will be yours? To find out: play, dare, and personalize! A SIWA chair Scandinavian design, a JOYAU armchair blue and an INDUS chair ? The art of Mix and Match proves that we can combine style school chic at absolute charm romanticism without the slightest error in taste. Even Aunt Yvonne's furniture lends itself to the game… Dressed in mismatched pastel colors, YVONNE chairs and stools immerse you in a childhood as creative as it is recreational. All you have to do is savor every moment of shared happiness around the table… Bon appétit!

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