Original locks and locks for your doors

Original locks and locks for your doors

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1. Victorian style English lock, Ebay, € 74.26 2. Stainless steel cabin lock for hinged door, Foussier, € 37.29 3. Asian style lock entry, Bricard, price on request 4. Chrome latch, La Quincaillerie, € 69.50 5. Latch and plug for brass toilet, Ebay, € 59.95 6. Lock with cylinder for glass door, IGS Deco, € 118 7. Brass lock, La Quincaillerie, 11.70 € 8. WC bolt lock, Foussier, € 19.30 9. Country style door latch, Rustica Harware, € 25 10. Horizontal Haussman style lock, Bricard, price on request

The choice of decor

WC, bathroom, bedroom or office are all rooms that we sometimes want to lock. To preserve privacy or simply prohibit entry to other people, without risking decorative faux pas, locks, locks and latches are to be chosen with great care. Fortunately, brands today compete in creativity to offer us original and worked models, sometimes inspired by the shapes and graphics of yesteryear. Thus, there are multiple locks of retro style, bistro 1900 or urban-contemporary which bring a real "plus" to our decor. Multiple models of decorative locks Golden or silver, the locks and cremones immediately catch the eye: another reason not to give in to the sirens of large DIY stores, whose catalog often lacks creativity. To find models of locks or locks that will integrate perfectly with your interior, the easiest way is to turn to specialists in the genre such as Bricard, La Quincaillerie or Foussier. The proposals are varied, ranging from the chrome latch to the perfect imitation of a Haussmann type lock! The most difficult will undoubtedly be to choose…


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