My back-to-school shopping for practical cooking

My back-to-school shopping for practical cooking

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1. Storage module with 3 drawers with handles, AC Deco, € 23.99 2. Spice rack, AC Deco, € 18.99 3. Storage for bottles, Amazon, € 54.90 4., Gamleby Ikea shelf, 55 € 5. Storage unit for microwave and various products, Amazon, € 39.95 6. Storage box for special fridge cans, AC Deco, € 15.99 7. Kitchen storage unit with glass rack, Alinea, 15 , € 99 8. Raskog Brown-red side table, Ikea, € 39.90 9. Multi-product storage box, BangGood, € 1.81 10. Turntable for kitchen cupboard, AC Deco, € 21

I use the kitchen walls

To optimize storage, consider using the wall surface. Start by installing a splashback kit that will allow you to hang your utensils above your worktop. You can also place a magnetic bar to arrange your kitchen knives and free up the drawer space. Do not hesitate to fix small shelves on the walls and have storage pots. Not only will this tip allow you to decorate the kitchen but you will also save space in the cupboards.

I organize the kitchen cupboards

In the cupboards, too, you have to optimize the space so that you can store more dishes and utensils. Be aware that there are special protective sheets so that you can stack the pans without damaging them. If your cupboards are high enough, also opt for baskets to slide under the shelves for your cutlery, dishes, etc. Choose accessories that fold, such as colanders and bowls that are retractable. Also, don't forget the refrigerator, in which food must be stored in order to be consumed before its expiry date: tupperware-type boxes and specific storage are essential! Finally, be aware that you can also install rods inside the closet doors to hang your tea towels and potholders.