Customize your door knobs

Customize your door knobs

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Just because a door knob should above all be practical doesn't mean it should be boring. Customization? An obvious and inventive solution to dress the doors and drawers of your home. Here are 4 decorative solutions for original door knobs.

The decals solution

Do your door knobs start to turn yellow or look pale? Why not wake them up with stickers? Golden or colored adhesive tapes, or even decals originally designed for the skin (the internet is full of mini stickers at bargain prices) and here is your dapper and original door button. For an effective result over time (and for a brilliant rendering pleasing to the eye), do not hesitate to apply a layer of transparent varnish on the whole.

The recovery solution

Old leather bands, used ropes… Why not use these materials to create original door handles? For leather ties, for example, just cut and hole the number of strips of your choice and insert the screws (using hex nuts to fix them to the support). In general, a large number of objects can easily be transformed into handles for drawers or doors (old spoons or even paintbrushes). All you need is a drill, a few screws, bolts and nuts to properly fix the handles.

The natural solution

On the beach or during your summer walks, you surely brought back pine cones, pebbles and other vacation memories. Why not integrate them into your furniture? Drill holes in your drawers with a drill, before very carefully punching the pine cones in the center and placing a screw. The principle is always the same.

The paint solution

Do you have the soul of an artist? With your brushes and spray paint (from 10 euros in supermarkets)! Everything is allowed. Only condition, do not forget the layer of fixing and protective varnish once the masterpiece is finished.