Decorative items to bring back from Brazil

Decorative items to bring back from Brazil

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In this period of the Olympic Games, Brazil is at the center of all attention. But beyond the medals, there are various small memories that we can bring back from this exotic destination! Apart from its carnival and its sandy beaches, Brazil is also renowned for its art of living, and in particular for its decoration. So to give heat and cheer to your interior, what could be better than letting yourself be seduced by a few accessories straight from South America? We offer you some ideas that should perfectly dress your home.

These objects that evoke Brazil

No need to rethink your entire decor to bring this much sought-after Brazilian spirit. The secret is to disseminate on both sides some accessories that will give a new identity to the room. Let yourself be tempted by cushions, rugs or colored dishes that will make the difference.

Hang a dream catcher, slip a storage pocket or put an exotic candle on your coffee table for that little extra. Finally, to give your chairs a whole new look, cover them with Brazilian fabric!

Bright colors

Just to see the tones that adorn the national flag, we can easily imagine the warm and festive colors that Brazilians adore. Whether they recall the turquoise of the water, the yellow of the sun or the green of the jungle, all have a story, and will bring something to revive the soul of your home sweet home. Integrating these tones into your decor is guaranteed to develop a relaxed, peaceful and warm atmosphere. To avoid an overflow of colors, favor colored accessories with a total Brazil look. We therefore bet on cushion covers, side tables, carpets and trays for a controlled "samba" effect. You can also add color to tropical or animal prints, ideal for adding character to your interior without creating a total look.


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