How to arrange your patio?

How to arrange your patio?

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Direction the Mediterranean coasts to interfere in the development of traditional patios, where the sun is present all day long. Inspired by ancient Roman villas, these square interior courtyards generally open to the sky provide an intermediate space between the interior and the garden. But then, how do you manage it well?

The patio: a multifunctional living room

In traditional houses in southern Spain and North Africa with no or very few windows facing outwards, it is the patio that lights up the house, like a skylight. Nowadays in France, this square platform is more considered as a semi-garden or a terrace in the heart of the house, than it is worth planning well to exploit it to the best. The patio then becomes an additional and multifunctional living room.

Structure the space with plants

First step: greenery! Indeed, in order to make this place pleasant, it is difficult to do without plants, flowers or trees in pots that bordered this square courtyard. These vegetal touches make it a real place of refuge and well-being. As such, do not hesitate to play on the staging. Think in particular of the wooden panels on which climbing plants such as vines or ferns can grow. Also very trendy, structure the patio with a series of potted cacti that will delight in this space calling for exoticism. Aromatic plants are also welcome. Play on an assembly of mismatched pots and containers, from glass to ceramic, to create a real mix and match of shapes, colors and materials.

An oasis in the heart of the house

The patio lends itself perfectly to the presence of water, whether by creating a basin or a swimming pool. You can also imagine installing a fountain, a nod to the ancient Roman patios, or a rainwater tank with ecological and economic concerns.

Outdoor furniture and textile games

Because this space is above all a relaxation corner, we gladly adopt one or two hammocks, a deckchair, a rocking chair and even a small table for those who wish to have lunch in daylight and out of sight. Also make room for textile games: add a carpet of drapes, cushions to the floor to create a cozy and warm atmosphere, a prelude to idleness.

Create an intimate atmosphere

Of course, lighting is essential to be able to circulate there and see clearly at night. A floor lamp, some wall lights or light objects: the choice is yours! Large lanterns on the ground, hanging garlands of light and a series of candle holders will create an intimate or festive atmosphere.

Without forgetting that in order to take advantage of it all year round, even in winter, the installation of a glass roof above the patio is an alternative to consider ... Finally, if you want to take advantage of this space for a practical purpose, why not not dry your laundry there?


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