How to optimize a small kitchen?

How to optimize a small kitchen?

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Small kitchens, particularly present in large cities, are sometimes a real headache for storing dishes, household appliances and other objects… However, there are solutions in terms of furniture as well as tips to optimize the space of your little one. cooked. Corine Kuperberg, author of the book "Les petits surfaces", guides us to properly design a small kitchen.

Think about tailor-made

It is the optimal solution for a small kitchen. This allows you to use every square inch and leave no empty space. Made-to-measure is not always more expensive than furniture offered in supermarkets. You just have to choose a medium that is not too expensive and have a good carpenter! It is also possible to mix tailor-made and products from major brands.

Choosing small appliances

The more it's little, the more it is cute ! And above all practical ... Household appliances exist today in small models. We can thus find mini ovens, mini dishwashers, mini refrigerators ... But also small household appliances like multi-function robots, expresso machines all in length, blenders ...

Play on shine

A good idea to visually increase the feeling of space is to use bright or lacquered colors. There are many kitchen furniture in lacquered and glossy colors, often in punchy colors like red or purple for example. It is also interesting to create impressions of volumes by associating very light colors or even white with tonic colors. Finally, some brands such as Ikea or Habitat offer kitchen furniture with everything needed… And for more ideas: Small areas

Corinne Kuperberg Published September 2008 Editions Fleurus 14.90 euros


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