Constellations plushes to help the child go to bed

Constellations plushes to help the child go to bed

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So that children can go to bed with pleasure and no longer be afraid of the dark, Cloud B has imagined a night light plush that is both original and playful. Presentation of this new essential object of the child's room. Cloud B, the plush brand from Los Angeles, offers the little ones never to be afraid of the dark again thanks to a fun new friend from the Constellations range. The child will thus be able to adopt a Sea Turtle plush, a Ladybug plush or an Earth Turtle plush, three friendly and soothing animals that will find their place on the child's bedside table. And this new friend has the particularity of projecting constellations on the walls and on the ceiling to soothe the child before sleep. A shower of stars and red, green, blue and even orange constellations will calm the anxieties and fears of the dark. To combine business with pleasure, the Constellations plush is accompanied by a small educational booklet to learn how to spot the constellations that emerge on the walls. A very useful new comforter! Price: 35 euros On sale in Nature & Découvertes, Fnac Eveil and Jeux stores and on


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