A personalized wardrobe on a low budget

A personalized wardrobe on a low budget

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The business lying around in the house is enough! With your functional and personalized wardrobe on a low budget, everything will be in place.

1) Where to install your wardrobe?

There is a solution for all configurations. If your room is small, the "I" wardrobe along a wall is the most suitable. The "L" dressing will suit a room configured in length and the "U" dressing for the most spacious rooms. Dressing to compose, complete sets or kits of closet and dressing, you have the choice between many solutions. Start with list your needs . Do you have more costumes in your wardrobe than T-shirts? You will therefore need more wardrobes than shelves ... Review everything to facilitate your purchases.

2) Take the dimensions well

The dressing room is THE ultimate modular and upgradable piece of furniture! You can add elements according to your needs but it is advisable to fill it to a maximum of 70% at the start , to keep some leeway. Measure your room well before going to the store: height (floor-ceiling), width and depth (60 cm are recommended). Do you have room for a door? If not, consider sliding door, curtains or even open dressing.

3) Budget side

Small budgets will prefer ready-to-install furniture. This all-in-one furniture already offers columns, shelves, drawers, clothes racks… This is the case for the range My Dress Alinéa which can be modified according to your wishes. You choose from dozens of possible combinations! You can also choose the modular elements of the dressing rooms Altéa , which easily adapt to your interiors: storage columns, corner cupboards and a wide choice of heights, widths and depths of the box. Ideal for personalizing your interior ... all the more with the 20% discount offered in spring 2016.

4) Get organized to save time

An effective dressing room is a organized dressing room ! It should contain a wardrobe halfway up for long clothes, shelves for T-shirts and sweaters, and drawers of different heights for underwear and jewelry. Sort your clothes according to the use you make of them. Store in the passive area (the upper and lower parts of the wardrobe) objects that you use little (hat, clothes out of season ...). In the active area (located within easy reach), favor everyday clothing (sweater, T-shirts) sorted by color or by type (work, sport).

5) A range of practical and trendy accessories

There is a full range of smart fittings and accessories to store all your clothes. Equip your drawers with dividers and buy a sliding pants hanger or a wall-mounted shoe rack! Foldable or punchy storage boxes will keep your belongings safe in style.

6) Don't forget the light!

Lighting that lights up when the door is opened or small, well-oriented LED spots to find everything: do not overlook the importance of light in your wardrobe. Many innovative solutions are available to you: built-in lights, hanging tubes, rods under the shelves… Everything to find your belongings at a glance, even in the morning when you wake up!

7) Have a specialist accompany you

Whatever the space dedicated to your dressing room, you will always save space by looking for an optimal organization, adapted to your needs, but also to the configuration of your room. In order to be sure not to make a mistake and facilitate your approach, Alinéa supports you in the purchase, by advising you and sharing its expertise with you. Your wardrobe delivered and assembled at home? It's possible ! What if you make your life a little easier?

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