Summer shopping at low prices at Hema

Summer shopping at low prices at Hema

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Sunny days are fast approaching, and with them the irresistible urge to make the most of the sun and the outdoors. The garden, the terrace and the balcony take on festive airs and adorn themselves with the sparkling colors of summer! Plants are taking over the house and the outfits are getting lighter ... To celebrate the arrival of summer, Hema offers a selection of fun and outdoor products: your gardening sessions, picnics and sunny afternoons will no longer have more the same flavor!

Gardening freely

Summer is synonymous with outdoor recreation, idleness and gardening. Planting, sowing, pruning and harvesting are both useful and relaxing activities! The Dutch brand Hema, specializing in small accessories for everyday life, has thought of all plant lovers with a selection of objects for the garden: you will find many pots / seeds sets in store today to create at home aromatic squares or mini indoor gardens. Ideal for bringing a touch of greenery in the kitchen, living room or bathroom, these containers and their seedlings are a great way to teach plant culture to children. Owners of larger outdoor spaces will be able to supplement with the many accessories for gardening at low prices (pruning shears, garden gloves, watering cans, etc.) offered by Hema.

Enjoy the sun

With the arrival of summer, the picnic season is open! Why not treat yourself to a pretty colorful blanket that will serve as a table, and which you will complete with an insulated bag (10 €), melamine tableware and an arty thermos (16 €)? To enlighten you when the evening comes, pick among the multiple outdoor lights to give tavern air to your exterior: battery-powered garlands (€ 6), solar lanterns (€ 5) and small LED lamps (€ 5) easily slip on a railing, in the branches of a tree or on a beautiful arbor for a playful and festive touch.

1. Blueberries in a jute bag € 7 / 2. Sunlamp € 5 / 3. Melamine plate € 3 / 4. Zucchini planting kit € 2.50 / 5. Lemonade fountain € 4 / 6. LED lamp with drawstring 5 € / 7. Insulated bottle 0.5L 16 € / 8. Picnic blanket 8 € / 9. Trio of aromatic herbs 8 € / 10. Zipped insulated bag 10 € / 11. Light garland 10 LED 6 €