Corian for my bathroom

Corian for my bathroom

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Thanks to its many intrinsic qualities, corian is a material particularly suitable for use in the bathroom. Thierry Dellès, director of Créa Diffusion, a company specializing in the processing of Corian, explains why.

Why is corian particularly suitable for the bathroom?

Because it has no reaction to humidity. It supports condensation. The collages are waterproof. It does not mold. In addition, it eliminates many trades because, apart from electricity and plumbing, one and the same person can install everything: the floor, the walls, the ceiling, the basin, the bathtub, the sink, the furniture. … The corian adapts completely to the wishes of the client and the constraints of the room. You can create a shower tray in a quirky corner or an original shaped bathtub. It is a material intended for custom works.

What are the other qualities of corian for a bathroom?

It takes temperature very easily, so it is much less cold than tiling. As it is non-porous, it does not stain permanently. The most difficult stains are easily removed with bleach. It does not break. And if there is a shine, you can add a piece of corian and then sand it down to restore it to its original appearance. It does not yellow. It even takes on a certain shine as it ages as it is cleaned.

How do you make a corian bathroom?

We start with a very precise measurement then we reconstitute the bathroom in the workshop thanks to a template, which is also called a pattern, as in sewing. The Dupont de Nemours company, which manufactures the corian, supplies us with the raw material in 12 mm or 6 mm plates for ceilings and decorative panels. The cuts are then made to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. Then we make all the collages that can be done in the workshop, depending on the accessibility of the bathroom. Once there, the installer assembles the pieces then welds them using corian enriched with hardener. It removes the excess and sands to soften the surface and so that the joints become completely invisible.

What are the different aesthetic solutions offered by the corian?

First of all, the corian is offered in more than a hundred different colors, all tinted in the mass. Beyond that, you can move a tap if you feel like it since the hole can be filled up very easily without leaving any trace. You can also integrate LED spots inside the corian to give the impression that the water in the bathtub is colored, for example. You can create relief panels using molds to create a bathroom that is not only functional but also very decorative. You can imagine the bottom of a shower like a drape, a bathtub molded to the shape of its body ... There are no limits to creativity.

How much does a Corian bathroom cost?

The average basket, for a room of 4 to 6 m², oscillates between € 8,000 with the shower screens, the shower tray, a basin and a fairly simple piece of furniture, and € 15,000 for the whole bathroom, including including the shower walls and ceiling. But after that, everything depends on the decorative level requested since it is tailor-made. To know more :