Design in retirement homes

Design in retirement homes

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Sanitized and impersonal, retirement homes generally suffer from a bad image. This is why the Beausoleil residences have decided to launch an innovative concept: the retirement home open to life. And to make their retirement homes more warm and welcoming, the Beausoleil villas called on professional decorators, including Jérôme Brignon, former decorator at The Conran Shop. "Working for retirement homes offers a great freedom in creation , all within the limits of resident safety of course, "he explains. So, Jérôme and his team thought of each residence with a different theme. Provence for the Montrouge residence, Italy for the Chaville residence, the 5 continents for Cormeilles in Parisis and the old trades for Loisy sur Marne. Once the theme has been defined, the team chooses the colors (which are often vivid), the materials (wallpapers, tiles, paint, etc.) but also the objects that will be placed in the different rooms. " We pick up old items that can lead to conversations between residents. For example, we have placed a collection of old retro radios in a residence, which evokes memories for residents and offers topics for conversations with families. "explains Jérôme. In addition, these objects are arranged to provide visual cues to the elderly who are sometimes disoriented in these big houses. Jérôme's next projects will focus on the new Beausoleil residences which will soon see the light of day. "We have chosen the theme retro sports for the Drancy residence, with photos of a cyclist for example, somewhat in the spirit of English universities with trophies… "Finally, the decoration does not stop at the gates of the residence since the gardens also agree to the themes of residences. And for the concept of a retirement home open to life to be complete, therapeutic workshops in the gardens are organized with the residents, the food is concocted by real chefs and the staff are wearing colorful clothes, far from white coats synonymous with hospital. Three Beausoleil villas currently exist and four new ones scheduled to open in 2011. All are located in Ile de France and in the Marne. As for the rates, they vary between 80 and 150 euros per day depending on the establishments and the type of accommodation. More information on Villa Beausoleil


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