Antibacterial carpet for individuals

Antibacterial carpet for individuals

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All Balsan carpets now benefit from a new generation treatment, SilverCare®, which protects both the carpet and the atmosphere. Anne Martini, Marketing & Communication manager at Balsan (leading French carpet manufacturer), explains the concept.

What is new about this antibacterial carpet treatment?

Until now, there were external protective treatments and only a few carpets benefited. SilverCare® is a new generation treatment: it acts naturally against mites, bacteria and bad odors. Tests carried out by independent laboratories attest to its effectiveness.

What technology is used to make these carpets antibacterial?

During the carpet manufacturing process, a sheath of silver ions is applied in depth around the fibers, creating a protective covering. With the ambient humidity of the room, the ions are released to attack the bacteria and neutralize them. Silver ions are known to be a natural antiseptic. They are used in the manufacture of fridges, toothpaste, deodorants, bedding.

What are the benefits of an antibacterial carpet for the consumer?

Less bacteria means fewer bad smells, improved air quality and therefore better hygiene in the home. This carpet can also help relieve allergy sufferers. Besides, we have joined the Institut Pasteur around a common project: a better understanding of the mechanism of allergies. We support the research of Professor Marc Daëron, specializes in allergies at the Institut Pasteur.

How long is the antibacterial treatment effective?

Throughout the life of the carpet, i.e. for at least seven years. Note, however, that having such a carpet does not exempt you from regularly vacuuming and ventilating the room every day.

Are all Balsan carpets treated antibacterial?

Yes, all the carpets we manufacture benefit from the SilverCare® treatment. And the price remains unchanged compared to the carpets we offered before. To know more :