16 decorative atmospheres with PVC floor coverings

16 decorative atmospheres with PVC floor coverings

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PVC (polyvinyl chloride) floors have been making a strong comeback on the decoration market for a short time thanks to technological and aesthetic advances which make them real creators of decorations and atmospheres. The big players in the market such as Tarkett Residential, Forbo Salino or Gerflor (we remember "Et Hop!") Constantly offer new models, sometimes incorporating new technologies. There is of course a wide range of solid vinyl floors in neutral or sustained colors, but also models that imitate parquet or tiling, models with digital printing, patterns suitable for different rooms of the house, which contain LEDs or fluorescent inks. The choice is now extra wide and allows you to create an atmosphere at home, at low cost and without engaging in major works. A vinyl floor covering can be laid on tiles, it comes in rolls but also in tiles or self-adhesive strips for greater ease of application. A way to renew your soil as often as you want or almost!


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