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The step by step

Before you embark on the realization of your entire bathroom, here is the procedure for a small fresco ... which will get you started!


On a 180 g sheet of paper, draw your pencil drawing.


With the tiler pliers, cut tesserae and store them in boxes according to their colors.


Spread white glue on a small part of the drawing and start installing your tesserae, colored side on the glue.


Continue your entire fresco this way.


Coat with thin-set mortar and the notched spatula the part of the wall receiving the fresco.


Position the back of your fresco on the mortar and smooth with a painter's roller.


After the mortar has dried, peel off the paper, moistening it with a sponge.


When the paper is completely gone, proceed with grouting. For this, you can use a special ready-to-use joint paste (which exists in different shades) or make it yourself by dyeing it with universal dyes.


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