A new collection of custom interior doors

A new collection of custom interior doors

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Changing a door without repeating plasters, paints or tapestries is what this brand new collection of custom wooden interior doors offers. In addition, they are customizable thanks to different finishes. Ideal for renovations, this new collection of custom-made wooden doors avoids heavy work such as laying plaster, painting or upholstery. The principle: the doors are delivered with a renovation frame in MDF which is screwed directly on the old frame. The new frame completely covers the old frame for an ultra-clean finish. Installation is carried out by a specialist after acceptance of the estimate and measurement. He then goes there to uninstall the old door and install the new one. This new collection of interior doors is available in 4 ranges: "Traditional oak", "Classic beech", "Classic lacquered" and "Contemporary". For each style, there is the possibility of personalizing them according to their tastes thanks to two types of finishes: varnish and color. The "Oak" range is available in clear or rustic varnish, the "Beech" range in colorless or clear cherry varnish. "Classic lacquered" doors are available in 6 shades (white, ivory, anthracite gray, gray, gray beige and brown). Finally, on the accessories side, this collection still plays the card of personalization with 8 models of handles and 5 models of card covers. We can also choose models with glazing, but it will be optional. Budget side, count from 1,470 euros for the first price, but without heavy work and presence of the specialist (and yes, it is included in the package), this is the price of simplicity! Interior wooden doors 100% renovation, 100% decoration, K by K, from 1470 euros.


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