For a baroque decor in the living room… Get inspired!

For a baroque decor in the living room… Get inspired!

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The baroque style, born in the 16th century, continues to inspire us. If the definition has changed somewhat today, the baroque is still a trend found in the home. Here are some ideas to transform your living room with a very modern baroque decor.

A new definition

If at the time the style was characterized by exaggeration and exuberance, today it is synonymous with glamor and rock'n'roll. For furniture, we keep consoles and dressers with very feminine rounded shapes. As for the accessories, we choose cushions with charged patterns to use in small touches. And the highlight of the show: large stylized mirrors.

Noble materials

The materials are meant to be noble: velvet for fabric and varnished materials for furniture. The fabrics are adorned with shimmering taffeta-like reflections and the damask fabrics display their patterns in relief.

A sober and flamboyant color code

As for colors, make way for flamboyant tones or the sobriety of black! But you can mix the two: red and pink combine with black to bring elegance. For an even more "bling-bling" style, we can add gold and silver. Guaranteed effect! Discover our selection to create a baroque interior:


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