Funny animals in the children's room

Funny animals in the children's room

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To give an original side to the decoration of the children's room, we offer them funny companions with funny animals who settle as well on the bed linen, the walls or the cushions.

A bestiary of companions

Whether they are farm animals or zoo animals, they are generally particularly popular with children. In the children's room, they easily find their place by integrating into a theme such as savannah or nature, but also settle in the room to create very playful decor touches. A casserole dish here or an elephant there can give a childish wink in a fairly classic decor.

Which animals to choose as a decorative companion?

The choice is vast! You will find animals photographed for a realistic decoration, others drawn for a more poetic decoration. Our favorites? We strongly advise you to bet on animals that take on playful looks that will make children crack. The Ferm Living brand offers a whole funny bestiary where fox, panda and elephant are dressed like humans in order to give them a funny look. They are found on retro cushions which will find their place in wise rooms to brighten them up. At Vertbaudet, you will find luminous paintings which stage funny exotic animals such as monkeys and crocodiles to give an adventurer atmosphere. Do not hesitate to involve your child in the choice of his new companion!