The design and aesthetic kitchen for people with reduced mobility

The design and aesthetic kitchen for people with reduced mobility

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Because design, aesthetics and practicality are not words reserved for some, the editorial team wishes to present the innovation that Selfconfort offers us today. Specialist in daily solutions for the disabled and the elderly, the company is today partnering with the Scandinavian Granberg in order to offer innovative motorized solutions adapted to the 300,000 people in wheelchairs in France today. From September, these new customizable solutions will facilitate the layout of the kitchens, which will rediscover their primary vocation as places of sharing ... for all! The real novelty is the unique possibility in France of being able to choose independent elements to assemble with the advice of a professional kitchen designer. A universal system that allows you to win an important challenge: gain in functionality and practicality without forgetting the aesthetics. No need to modify the entire installation, whether new or old. The three main points to adapt are the height of the worktop (which becomes adjustable to suit all users), the open spaces under the worktop to allow access to the passage of the chair and the retractable upper storage for easier access. At the start of the school year, you will be able to locate the nearest approved kitchen designer via the brand's website to help you with your work. Most for consumers, the cost of equipment and installation can be partially absorbed thanks to the tax credit granted in the context of development work for the elderly or disabled. For more information, visit


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