The mistakes to avoid in an industrial style decor

The mistakes to avoid in an industrial style decor

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Don't buy new

First, keep in mind the industrial style codes. Coming from New York lofts, artists' studios and old factories converted into housing, the industrial style is directly inspired by the great working era when the factories were running at full speed. Also, the industrial style decor requires a bit of authenticity.

The idea to manage to retransmit it at home, it is therefore not only to buy new in store but rather to recover industrial style furniture straight out of the factories! So think of antiquing your furniture - in the flea markets, flea markets, garage sales, antique shops, etc.- because this is where you will find the most beautiful pieces to create an industrial style at home. It should not be forgotten that this style favors recycling by giving new life to furniture whose original utility no longer exists.

Don't neglect the furniture

Whether you hunt or buy your furniture in store, you should know that all industrial style furniture are not necessarily suitable for create an industrial atmosphere at home. At that time, each object had to be above all solid and efficient to resist the many uses and the harsh conditions of the factories. Also, you should choose simple, practical and functional furniture, like the craft furniture. Yes, the industrial decor is not in the fuss!

For storage, the metal lockers do the job perfectly, the table will be a large stall and the lamps will be retractable. Each object must give the illusion of having already lived a first life in a factory to support the work of workers. The good news is that you will still find this kind of furniture in the decoration stores that have appropriated the industrial trend

Do not choose any materials

In terms of materials, the industrial style wants to be raw and solid in order to last over time. Metal is therefore the material of choice for all accessories and industrial style furniture. But to make the furniture warmer, you can opt for models combining the wood and metal, two authentic materials could not be more suitable for a industrial decor.

The wooden furniture are also very raw and come from the recovery of pallets or other objects. However, avoid plastic materials, lacquers or other fragile materials. On the ground, you can bet on concrete (natural or waxed) or choose a parquet in a rough finish.

Pay attention to the colors

If wood, metal and concrete are the flagship materials of industrial style, as much to say that color is not a favorite element of this rather raw decoration. To create a industrial decor well made at home, it is better to stay in fairly cold and neutral tones, which oscillate between black, gray and beige.

However, if you want color (s) to brighten up your industrial decor, you can go to bright colors that could be found in the signs of factories. Red and yellow are then welcome… by small discreet touches of course! You can for example opt for a red lamp, or choose a industrial style furniture made of wood with yellow inscriptions.


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