Recycled rubber mulch for my plantations

Recycled rubber mulch for my plantations

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Nothing like mulch to protect the land from plantations. Here is an alternative to wood or bark chips: Ecoscape recycled rubber, offered by the company Pro Urba.

What is mulch for?

Mulch is used to prevent weeds, protect the soil from the cold in winter, and reduce the need for watering in summer. Organic mulch is generally used, based on compost, bark mulch, flax or hemp flakes, or cocoa shells. You can also use a mineral mulch, based on slate petals, crushed shale or pumice.

What is this recycled rubber mulch?

The rubber comes from wheels of industrial trucks. Without metals, this mulch has great covering and absorbing power. Natural in appearance, it is comfortable underfoot. It is colored with food grade organic pigments. It is classified as non-flammable.

What are the benefits of recycled rubber mulch?

It does not rot and therefore does not settle. It does not fly away under the effect of a normal wind. It does not float and is therefore not entrained by water. It has no particular odor. And it offers the qualities of a traditional mulch.

Does it exist in several colors?

It is available in lawn green, khaki, red, beige, gray, brown, blue and black. We can also mix several colors for a more sophisticated decorative effect.

What are the other uses of recycled rubber mulch?

It is also used for collective spaces such as the ground of playgrounds, aisles or even picnic areas and relaxation areas. It is then placed with a binder so that the rubber particles remain united.

Where do you buy recycled rubber mulch?

At Ecoscape, by e-mail via the site or by telephone on 01 48 73 92 71.

What is the price ?

The 10 kg bag costs € 26.90, regardless of the color, plus shipping costs. For mulch with binder, the price is on estimate. To know more :


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