10 ecological vacuum cleaners on the test bench

10 ecological vacuum cleaners on the test bench

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Clean without dirtying the planet! This is the new challenge for eco-friendly vacuum cleaners, made from recycled, recyclable and less energy-consuming materials. Make way for "green aspiration" with our selection of models, from the most stylish to the most practical.


Samsung EcoStyle (ref. SC86GO) is an economical bagless vacuum cleaner with at the same time an optimal suction capacity equivalent to a power of 2200 W. Its ultra-reinforced shell and a patented air circulation system also allow it to be very quiet with 72 decibels of sound power. Its little extra: its very design look!


Samsung also offersecoblue (ref. SC 6216), its ecological vacuum cleaner with biodegradable, silent bags (69dBA of sound power) and which has an optimal suction capacity (1600 W) equivalent to a power of 2200 W, representing a real saving of 30 % energy. This eco-vacuum cleaner has HEPA 13 filters ensuring a very high level of filtration with more than 99% of microparticles such as dust and filtered bacteria. Its little extra: its extra-flat and very wide brush, perfect for gently cleaning parquet floors.


TheElectrolux Ergospace Green Zeg 300 is compact, powerful but also environmentally friendly. Thanks to a motor fitted with a high-efficiency turbine and extremely efficient accessories, it dedusts dust very efficiently while consuming less energy. In addition, 92% of its components can be recycled!


The engine of Bosch Pro Energy is optimized thanks to redesigned propeller blades and associated with an improved air flow system for suction performance identical to a 2400 Watts device. An indicator alerts you that the bag is full and needs to be changed. A device combining technology and design.


The Hoover TGP140 is equipped with a new generation of motor, which allows to deliver a performance identical to that of conventional vacuum cleaners, consuming 40% less energy. Its HEPA filters trap the smallest particles of dust: filtration is optimized. The rejected air is also purified. Silent, this device is also very practical, with wheels swiveling 360 ° C.


The vacuum cleaner Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green is made of 55% recycled plastic and other components that are 92% recyclable. It saves 33% of energy with a power of 1250W while it restores a performance of 2000W. Its synthetic bags are designed to last a very long time. As the name suggests, it is very discreet, therefore more pleasant for yourself and those around you!


honey propose the S5 EcoGreen which consumes only 1300W, or 35% of energy saved compared to a 2200W model. Its side roller brush makes the suction hygienic at 100% and compensates for the reduction in basic power by an optimized air flow without any loss of suction.


A handheld vacuum cleaner has slipped into this selection ... Dyson DC30 , of course without a bag, benefits from a latest generation motor which does not use carbon brushes and therefore does not emit carbon particles, unlike conventional vacuum cleaners. Its engine captures dust and dirt using centrifugal forces up to 70,000 times gravity. This is why it is small, light, durable but above all effective since it sucks up to twice as much as others for use!

Without bag

The 1400W Bagless Vacuum Philips EasyLife EnergyCare (ref. fc8144 / 01) is designed to offer optimal performance while consuming less energy than traditional vacuum cleaners. Equipped with a 1,400 W motor, it generates a suction power of up to 300 W, which allows you to obtain an impeccable result while consuming less energy. Practical, you can empty the bin without getting your hands dirty at the touch of a button. Its HEPA filter retains the microscopic parasites that cause respiratory allergies.


As powerful as a 2500W vacuum cleaner, theEQU2 by Dirt Devil only consumes 1600W. Provided with a 7-meter cable, the operating range of this device increases to 10 m, which avoids unplugging it. With EQU2, there is no need to wonder about the condition of the bag thanks to its replacement indicator: it allows you to consume smart without wasting. Thanks to its ability to retain dust, the EQU2 has been awarded the SLG test and certification award.