Pop style still has pep

Pop style still has pep

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Coming from the 60s and 70s, the pop trend for colors consists of a predominance of orange and brown, or even psychedelic tones and patterns dear to this movement. Besides their flashy colors, furniture and objects have simple shapes, often all in curves. Among the essentials, inflatable furniture is legion, armchairs and sofas compete for space, in pink, red or of course orange. Whether inflatable or hard, plastic is, with the bright colors, the other major element of this trend. Mushroom lamps, or even armchair transparent plastic shell to hang, so often imitated since, stool like the famous Tam-Tam true icon of the 70s, this is the first time that plastic has been used uninhibited in the interior furniture. Previously this material was synonymous with bad taste and often labeled low-end, it was rarely used other than for garden furniture and more. Another novelty from this period and just as typical, the furniture covered with stretch fabric, very representative of the pop style. A technique initiated by designer Pierre Paulin, which we all know, Mushroom armchairs in the shape of a mushroom or the Ribbon Chair and its sinuous lines. Because even if you don't know their name, you have certainly encountered them. Recently, this 80-year-old designer saw one of the armchairs commissioned by the President of the Republic, Georges Pompidou, in 1971 for the Elysée Palace, reissued by the Maison Roset (Pumpkin model). In the top of the classics, you will also find the large beanbags in the shape of a pear, in fabric or pvc canvas in all the possible colors, the catalog of 3 Suisses offers it and it is not the only one. The wallpaper is part, with large patterns, a little delusional, that the specialists of this market, publishes or reissues for our greatest joy. The style "Flower Power" with optical effect seeking to imitate the visual distortions due to the excess of illicit substances, is a hit. The typography, trendy overcooked noodle, and which is not without evoking that of Art Nouveau, is also one of the references of this period, like the works of the famous creator Andy Warhol who gives us his paintings with the faces of Marilyn repeated, or his famous series of canned soup cans Campbell, and only the color of which varies. To conclude, the winning trio if you want to create a Pop atmosphere, remain the round shapes, the orange color, and the delirious patterns.


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